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March 4th, 2011

daria: daria: satisfied

bebopsamurai in 24_hr_gamer

Ridin' The Storm Out (Bulletstorm review)

Game: Bulletstorm
Platform: Xbox 360/ Playstation 3/ PC/ Steam
Rating: M
Developer: People Can Fly
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Released: February 2011

It's been about seven years since "Painkiller," Polish developer People Can Fly's last game debuted to critical acclaim but lackluster sales, and in that time the First-Person Shooter has undergone a considerable shift. 

Gone are the sweeping, open vistas and outlandish weapons of "Serious Sam," or even the colorful character designs of "Team Fortress 2"-- Military shooters have dominated the landscape, and even with the occasional piece of genuine excellence like "Bioshock," "Portal" or even "Modern Warfare 1," the genre's metaphorical landscape is cluttered with gritty, overly serious titles itching for a piece of "Call of Duty's" online-multiplayer supremacy.

But while the now-usual suspects are still rearing their ugly heads this year, the wacky FPS is finally making a comeback.  Most notably, this includes the actual release of the longest running joke in the industry in "Duke Nukem Forever," but the charge is led by PCF's second-ever title, "Bulletstorm."

And while it'd be unprofessional of me to call it my Game of the Year 2011 this early, I have to say I haven't been this utterly in love with everything a game has been in nearly every respect since "Bayonetta."

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